This video shares the story of four Veterans and how Clear Path has impacted their lives.

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“The Dogs2Vets program is helping me get past the hurdle that I haven’t been able to deal with since I got out of the service, and that’s interacting with people ... it’s helping us get past that barrier that we don’t know how to do on our own.” Jeff Friggon, U.S. Marine Corps


“I think the Wingman Program (Peer Support) is super important to put Veterans in contact with other Veterans with similar issues ... just putting your arm around somebody to tell them they're not alone, we’re here.” Zack Carr, U.S. Army


“I can personally attest to the positive impact that the Integrative Medicine program has not only had on me but the scores of soldiers I brought to Clear Path. Being someone who has suffered a broken back, daily pain daily pain was something I got used to dealing with but what Clear Path offers proved to me that I did not have to suffer from that pain day in and day out.” 1SG (ret) Dan Darroch, U.S. Army


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